Avira Antivirus Pro – Review

When it comes to being the best antivirus software, the competition is quite hard. There are millions of users asking for protection of their system from various kind of threats present on the internet.

It is quite normal to buy best antivirus software rather than continuing with Windows Defender which is also a part of Windows 10. The important issue is that these third-party applications protect the system from the various loopholes associated with Defender. Among such software, Avira Antivirus Pros is quite remarkable software.


1. While blocking various types of attack and being less resource hungry of your system, it accurately finds threads without getting confused between correct files and malicious files. This is among the most salient features of this software and displays its effectiveness.

2. During testing by AV-Test which is an independent test lab, it handled all the threats and related issues quite easily which makes this antivirus as a good contender.

3. Another important and impressive feature of this software is its performance under various conditions along with good response under usability tests. During the test, it only made few mistakes while detecting the correct content in the midst of malware threats.

4. It also proved its efficiency with its performance without causing any slow down or lag on the system.

5. When it comes to protection, it scored well above average and protected the system from over hundred malware and over 22,000 recently found threats.


1. This software also comes with ransomware related protection along with antiphishing features and tools.

2. It duly scans both USB removable drives at hardware end along with scans incoming emails when it comes to internet related threats.

3. It also comes with a gamer mode which automatically stops security scans when you are playing games on your system.

4. It also comes with video tutorials along with various information about different kind of viruses and malware.

5. You can easily get support via email or 24/7 customer service support.


It doesn’t offer live chat support which is among few of its downsides.


Avira Antivirus Pro is quite a worthy contender among its competitors. It is quite compatible with systems running on Windows 10 and 7. Its various other features provide all round protection to the system, both in the case of new threats and the known ones.

We certainly recommend you this software in case you are looking for best antivirus software. Do let us know your experiences if you use this application. Also, leave your views along with suggestions in the comment box mentioned below.

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