eScan Antivirus – Review

eScan Antivirus provides a decent balance of performance along with various features making it among the top choice of best antivirus software. It is quite adequate for your computer’s protection when it comes to a variety of online threats such as viruses, spyware, and malware.

In its recent tests conducted by AV-Test, an independent testing lab, this software did quite good when tested against various malware and this software only made few false positive software detections when compared to industry average. Although, this software is an average application as it does slow down your system.


1. This antivirus software doesn’t provide the protection by using Windows firewall like it’s competitors.

2. It consists of inbound along with outbound traffic monitoring with defense from various network attacks. This, in turn, allows this software to protect your system from malware that is present in email as an attachment. This software also scans for malware even your outgoing mails.

3. This software can provide fortification to your system with convenience and protection.

4. It also has a gamer mode where you can play games, watch movies and make presentations without worrying about any sort of interruption. This mode identifies the full-screen applications and activates the gamer mode all by itself.

5. This software also come with capability to create rescue disk in case you need to restore your system after a crash caused by any threat.

6. Its customer support is among the best when considered with industry standards. You can easily get connected with the company via email, telephone or with live chat all day long. It also comes with remote support when you require help against the viruses.


1. This software comes with an in-built firewall.

2. It scans both incoming and outgoing mails from your system.


eScan slows down your computer by some extent. We found out about this by AV-Test performance testing.


This software provides efficient malware protection to your system especially those which are running on latest Windows versions. It offers real-time protection to the system along with blocking unwanted malware downloads to your system. It also allows you to play games without any interruptions. However, it scored lower than average when it undergo various testing phases.

So, in case you are looking for nitty antivirus software with basic features and separate firewall, this is the best choice for you. Try this software and do let us know about your experiences. Also, don’t forget to mention your views and suggestions in the comment box below.

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