F-Secure – Review

F-Secure antivirus is considered to be among the best antivirus software available on the market. It is quite sleek, swift and effective. With its advanced protection technology and various additional security features allows this software to protect your system against viruses, worms, spyware, and Trojans.


1. It is among the few software that also detects and blocks ransomware, which is the latest malware threat that can lock down your computer until you have paid a fee to the creator of the ransomware.

2. It also located and eliminates rootkits and also provide protection against viruses which generally spread through emails, cookies or malware which also try to infiltrate the Windows registry.

3. The independent testing lab AV-Test gave the perfect score for its virus protection on Windows 10 OS. It means that it successfully identified and blocked over 20,000 old as well as new malware threats.

4. It also performed above average when it came to performance and usability.

5. If you purchase this package, you get protection for three computers which is quite above than other programs which provide only one license.

6. It comes with its own manual along with its online community forum and a knowledgebase where you can get answers to your queries.


1. It also offers simple navigation which makes it quite easy to schedule scans or the ability to adjust settings.

2. Its main dashboard provides quick access to scans, tools and various kind of statistics.

3. This software updates and runs various scans automatically.

4. It also uses a protection network which is designed to collect new threats in the cloud.

5. It also scans compressed files and USB drives along with email attachments and messages to make sure nothing infects your computer.

6. It doesn’t cause your system to run quite slowly.

7. It provides email based, telephonic and chat-based customer service.


1. It lacks live support which isn’t available 24/7

2. You can’t use the license to provide protection to your mobile devices.


Even though this software has quite decent scores lower than other competitors, it is still beneficial. It protects your computer from various sorts of online threats including the newest ransomware. It updates itself automatically and doesn’t even slow down your computer.

With this, we end our review on F-Secure antivirus program. You can try this software to protect your system from unwanted attacks. Do share your experience with this software in case you purchase it. Also mention your valuable views and suggestions in the comment section below.

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