McAfee Antivirus Plus Review: Best Virus Protection Software

In your search to find best virus protection software for your Windows computer, very few of them are more effective than McAfee AntiVirus Plus. Although it’s not a complete solution for internet security suite,

it has a rich set of options beyond a traditional antivirus software. Although, features come on secondary importance for a system protection.


McAfee Antivirus Plus provides unlimited device license across all of your useful devices. This means you can easily protect all of your Windows, iOS, Mac and Android devices getting an additional license for each of them.

No any other product in our review offers you the same level of licensing, which makes McAfee an extraordinary option. In order to help you in keeping your operating system current,

McAfee provides you a vulnerability scanner which helps to update your Windows installation and your applications.

Just like all fine class antivirus software out there, McAfee provides you good control over its scanning behaviour. You can choose automatic real-time scanning of all files or just programs and documents, or you can simply select items to eliminate.

You may also take control of whether it scans email attachments, network drives and quick message attachments. McAfee AntiVirus Plus may boost your computer’s performance by helping remove unwanted files.

You may also choose less thorough scans to lesser the effect on your PC’s speed. Similarly, you can select more thorough scans that need system resources and can possibly slow your PC.

You can also keep a balance among thoroughness and speed. Also, the software can permanently remove files with a shredder to conceal them from file recovery software.

McAfee AntiVirus  is one of some antivirus products with its one firewall to decide which appliances enter or leave your PC. This virus control software does not include a password manager, which is common among the best antivirus software.

Help & Support

McAfee, now a part of Intel Security, offers a knowledgeable, answers to FAQs and community forums on its support site. The community forums are for customers and McAfee employees to exchange conversations about problems.

The forums are organised by product and topic, so it’s easy to find the place you belong. You may also contact a support site during weekdays. McAfee came up with 87 percent in our installation tests, which means it takes more time to install than most antivirus software in our review.

Pros: You can easily install McAfee AntiVirus Plus on an uncountable number of devices during you’re a year of license.

Cons: The software excludes a password manager.


McAfee Antivirus Plus guards your Windows PC well and in fact much better than other antivirus software. Although it challenges with antivirus products,

it also includes ant phishing protection, a file shredder and a firewall, the features that are usually part of internet security suites rather than simple antivirus products. McAfee AntiVirus Plus is a great option for your short list virus protection software to consider.

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