McAfee AntiVirus Plus – Review

McAfee AntiVirus Plus is considered to be one of the most well-known best antivirus software which has become part of Intel Security. It correctly identifies valid data and allows it to pass through. This the only key area where this software performed well. It is below par when it comes to performance. This implies that this software will certainly slow down your system.


This software provides much more than antivirus protection. It also provides protection for your system against ransomware.

It also scans your incoming emails along with their attachments to make sure that nothing attached to them ever infects your computer.

It also provides automatic USB devices scans whenever you plug them into your system and inform about harmful files if they are present in them.

It also has a gaming mode that usually suspends few of the functions when you are playing any computer game so as to ensure that your play doesn’t get interrupted with slowed system or due to any pop-up reminders.


1. The best advantage that this software provides is the unlimited licenses bundled with your yearly subscription which means it protect any of your web-enabled devices such as your smartphones, tablets, and PC against dangerous and malicious files.

2. It also includes various features which are generally found in complete protection suites like a firewall.

3. While performing AV-Test, an independent test, McAfee performs much better when it comes to antivirus software for PCs with Windows.

4. Although it doesn’t provide complete protection, it does well, with respect to industry average when it is about detecting, blocking and removing malware threats, known and unknown viruses too.

5. With Windows 10 antivirus, this software provides extended protection beyond Windows 8 system. It covers every additional device you own whether it is your smartphone, tablet or PC without any requirement to purchase additional licenses.

6. It also offers knowledgebase, along with FAQs page and various community forums on its own support site. These forums are for customers of this software and its employees where they can converse about various problems and other aspects. You can also contact its support technician via 24/7 telephonic support. It also provides Live Chat on its support sites, only on weekdays.


1. This software performance is quite poor when it comes to testing it against various well-known viruses.

2. It has limited ability as an antivirus solution for the customers.


Even though this antivirus program doesn’t provide enough protection yet it is better than the basic protection provided by Microsoft Windows Defender which is included with your computer. This software is best for Windows XP users as it provides full protection against malware threats. For Windows 10 system, this program struggles to effectively block the basic malicious threats.

Its yearly subscription provides protection to all of your Internet-enabled devices.

In case you use this software, then do let us know about your experience. You can also post your views and

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