Panda Antivirus Pro – Review

Panda Security is among the best antivirus software providers in today’s market.  Panda Antivirus Pro was tested extensively to find and reveal any shortcomings. Its various features mentioned below were duly tested too.


1. Panda Antivirus Pro brings quite impressive features like rescue disk tool along with an automatic scan of USB and a firewall which is built-in. In the account of protection and performance, it got great results during testing by AV-Test, an independent test lab.

2. Panda exhibited quite remarkable response when it came to withholding malware attacks during AV-Test.

3. This software easily separated the known as well as unknown threats and provided you the control to do whatever you wish to do.

4. It also scans internet browsers along with instant messages and other files.

5. It also comes with mobile device protection along with gaming mode. During this gaming mode, you can easily play your computer games while this application suspends pop-up reminders or any sort of scheduled scans which can interrupt your gameplay.

6. Its online support center also hosts a forum along with blog and FAQs. You can easily get in touch with the technical support team via email. Telephonic support is available on weekdays and only during business hours.


1. This software provides extended support and protection to your mobile devices too.

2. You can also keep a log of events regarding such results and actions were taken by this software.

3. It provides you the ability to create a rescue USB device to utilize it in case your system isn’t able to reboot due to any sort of infection.


1. It does causes the system to slow down.

2. When it came to distinguishing between correct files and malicious ones, it didn’t get good results.


This software combines two sorts of functions which include firewall and antivirus software which significantly simplifies the security structure. It effectively and impressive protected the system against a variety of malware, but it does lack few features and services which ought to be present in any top antivirus application. It provides limited telephonic support while provides email support at all times.

Try this software and do let us know your views and opinions regarding this software. Also, leave your valuable comments in the section provided below.

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