Best Virus Protection – Kaspersky Review

The performance part of the test suite measured average effect on system performance. Though the industry stattistics was a three-second slowdown on computer speed during web surfing, copying data, file downloading, and installing and running programs, AV-Test found that Kaspersky had no effects on computer speed.

The software updates itself automatically with small updates that don’t bring your computer down.

Testing, usability, tracked whether products gave false warnings about safe websites or files. Kaspersky produced no false warnings, compared with a medium of three such warnings for the other 20 top antivirus products in the test.

Kaspersky requires two mouse clicks from the home screen to start a full scan and three clicks to initialise a quick scan. This is average for an antivirus software in our reviews; however, one-click quick scanning is found on a few  rare products.

Kaspersky earned A grade in our resource-use scans, which confirmed AV-Test’s results that Kaspersky has no influence on computer speed during full scans.


The most crucial feature of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, or any antivirus software, is its capability to detect, prevent and eliminate viruses. Few other competing virus protecting software products do better.

Kaspersky too goes beyond viruses to protect from malwares, including spywares, rootkits, security exploits and ransomwares. The program protects against malwares, safeguards against identity theft, and secures online financial transactions in real time.

Ransomware may lock your screen and usually accuses you of having illegal pornography on your computer. The scam guides you where to send money so you can continue to reach to your files.

Along these lines, Kaspersky Anti-Virus can make backup copies of files before this malicious software has the chance to encrypt them, so even if ransomware attacks, you can easily restore the files held hostage without sending money to “needy guys”.

Kaspersky can also detect and defeat keyloggers that monitor the physical keys on your keyboard to capture passwords, logins and credit card numbers. The software’s virtual keyboard allows you to enter information onscreen to bypass the physical keyboard and stop keylogging.

Kaspersky also provides ant phishing protection, which warns you for the safety of sites in online searches and blocks access to malicious sites. One license protects three Windows PCs for a year.

Help & Support

Licensed users of Kaspersky Anti-Virus get standard support for mistakes involving installation, configuration and product functionality. Premium support is there for an additional cost for extra assistance with product installation, networking, virus and spyware removal, and PC tune-up.

You may also create system reports in advance to help a support technician diagnose and identify your problem, so you spend lesser time on the phone or in online chat.

If it’s not an emergency, you can also submit a support case using a web form using Kaspersky’s self-service portal. You can also make a call or start live chat to speak with technical support every day of the week, service is available 18 hours per day.

Kaspersky earned the top position in the installation tests by installing and uninstalling faster than the other antivirus products. The software only needs a restart during uninstallation.

It’s little inconvenient and unfortunate that Kaspersky doesn’t offer 24/7 support like other antivirus software in our reviews to give it a perfect support score. That said, the level of support that Kaspersky offers is well above the industry norm.


Kaspersky maintains an exceptional level of protection, usability and performance. The software’s many features help you to keep your computer running with its personal data sacured from harm.

Until and unless you need 24/7 telephone or online chat access to technical support, there are some better antivirus applications for your PC in terms of threat prevention, impact on system resources and usability.

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